Frequently Asked Questions

Information for Landlords

I have a property I would like professionally managed. What do I need to know?

We look after your property as if it were our own. We carry out regular inspections and urgent to minor maintenance. We carefully select tenants through our stringent selection process and work hard to retain quality tenants. We ensure we achieve a full sustainable market rental for your property.

We take care of all management aspects from tenant selection to property inspections and rent collection.

Do I have to be involved?

You can determine your level of involvement. You can discuss suitability of prospective tenants, carry out your own inspections and use your own tradespeople – or leave it all to us.

Either way, you will receive monthly statements to provide your accountant with all the information necessary to file your tax return. An end-of-year tax summary is sent to you after 31st March each year.

How much are property management fees?

Fees are deducted at 7.5% + GST on the collection of all rent and 7.5% + GST on arranging and/or supervising repairs and maintenance. One inspection per year is included, subsequent ones are $50 + GST. Property management fees are tax deductible.

How do you find good tenants?

We advertise through The Press, Trademe and through our website. Prospective tenants enquire through our office and can register their requirements. “For Rent” signs are placed at the property and properties are also advertised in our office window.

Prospective tenants complete a Rental Application to determine their ability to care for the property and meet rental payments. We require several references and will make enquiries from employers, former landlords and other referees.


When do I receive rent payments? What happens if rent is not paid?

We transfer payments to your account either fortnightly or half monthly and after the final day of each month.

If a rent payment is missed, we contact the client on day 1. If the tenant fails to pay the rent the next day, we issue a 10 day breach order, giving tenants 10 days to rectify the problem. Usually the tenant agrees to make an additional payment to pay off arrears. If not, we file an application for a mediation hearing with Tenancy Services. If mutual agreement is not reached then we file for a Tenancy Tribunal Hearing at the District Court.

What if I want to sell my house or move into it myself?

We will work to help you do this. Under the Residential Tenancies Act 1986, you are required to give 42 days written notice of your intention to move back into the property if the tenancy is periodic.

Neither party can break a fixed term tenancy.

If you want to put your property in the market there are a number of statutory procedures to follow. Once a property is sold, 42 days notice must be given (plus 3 days for postage).

How much notice must be given before an inspection?

The tenant needs 48 hours notice.