Emma Dunningham

Emma Dunningham

Mobile: 027 631 1570

After Hours: 03 328 7273

A long term resident of the harbour with strong family ties in Purau Bay, Emma has lived between both Governors Bay and Lyttelton for the last ten years. With a daughter now at school, she is excited to bring her passion and enthusiasm into the real estate industry.

Growing up with a father in real estate, she has had a first-hand experience of the demands of the job, so is well prepared to meet those for whomever she is dealing with. A long career in hospitality management has given her excellent grounding in outstanding customer service.

Emma feels passionately about working within a small, locally owned company, with a long standing history on Banks Peninsula - so Min Sarginson was the obvious choice.

Heather Chick

Heather Chick

Mobile: 027 211 7205

After Hours: 03 328 7273

For the last 29 years Heather has enjoyed the culture and diversity of Lyttleton’s unique community. Raising two boys here and being a well-known local she is in no hurry to leave the bubbling port and surrounding Peninsula. “I could not think of anywhere else I could call home.”

To have the privilege of working in this dynamic ever-changing landscape just makes work so more enjoyable. Although Heather would not consider real estate work as she is passionate about people and helping to make their lives more fulfilled by assisting them in one of their biggest asset decisions.

Heather is proud of her reputation as a dynamic, innovative and progressive sales consultant with a reputation built on a business philosophy aimed squarely at quality service and high standards. It’s a philosophy that brings great results for clients and her alike.

Leaving 23 years of nursing over 14 years ago, Heather has never looked back. Her vivacious and outgoing personality and her drive are perfectly matched to the Real Estate profession.

Heather has an outstanding record of success with over $135 million in sales in Real Estate. Joining Harcourt’s in 2002, Heather achieved Harcourt’s Rookie of the Year, Top 20 in Canterbury and Top 100 in New Zealand in her first year. This success continued on with Heather consistently being one of Harcourts “Top Achievers”.

Heather's enthusiasm for knowledge and growth led her to expand her Real Estate career into management. Managing a boutique office of six Real Estate Agents, she developed her team into National award winners in just two years leaving in 2014. Heather decided to take her passion for Real Estate to another level and started her own business trading as Chick Real Estate.

Heather has taken her skills and knowledge into her role as a sales consultant for MIN SARGINSON Real Estate. Heather now combines work and pleasure in her own environment and back yard. Now that is a winning combination.

“This is not work for me. I love what I do best and do the best I can. I look forward to each day’s challenges, as I am a solution maker and
I help make dreams a reality.”

Kate Hitchings

Kate Hitchings

Mobile: 021 596 229

After Hours: 03 329 4161

Born in Nelson, but shortly afterwards moving to Teddington Kate enjoyed growing up at Taunton Gardens and attending Diamond Harbour School.

Teenage years saw a move to town where Kate embraced a successful and meaningful education at St Margaret’s College. During this period, Kate rekindled her childhood love of the bay – where her family bought a bach in Diamond Harbour. It was here that Kate met her future Husband, Jono Hitchings, when they were 15 years old.

Kate & Jono bought their 1st home in South Brighton at 21 and later built in North New Brighton, but it wasn’t long until they made the move ‘home’ to the bay and bought an old house in Church Bay. They embraced the bay lifestyle and enjoyed family time with their two sons Louis (now 15) and Henry (now 13).

In 2007 Kate & Jono, with their family made the bold move to live on the Gold Coast and experience what they’d always dreamt of – and it was a lot of fun!
Kate continued her successful sales career as an Account Manager for a large local printing firm before taking a short break to welcome their third son, Carter (now 5) into the family. With nearly 10 years passing, they had enjoyed the Auzzie lifestyle but were pinning for ‘home’ in NZ and to settle with their boys into a more relaxed and Kiwiana life.

Kate & Jono have been back in Diamond Harbour for over 3 years now and are so grateful to feel at home and be part of such a wonderful, unique community.
Jono is the local Plumber/Drainlayer in Diamond Harbour and when Kate’s not working or running after the three boys, she enjoys creating yummy dinners, working in the garden and taking leisurely walks with their Cavoodle, Max.

With Carter at the local school and their 2 teenage son’s attending high-school in town, Kate is eager to connect more with the local community through her real estate work and is looking forward to providing an ethical and energetic service to her clients.

Min Sarginson

Min Sarginson

Mobile: 027 432 0327

After Hours: 03 328 7273


The name Min comes from Min's maiden name Finlay. When she first arrived in Christchurch in 1972 to complete her BA at Canterbury University she stayed for a short time at her big sister's flat. There she met her future husband Euan Sarginson who came up with the names Big Fin and Mini Fin. The Mini Fin stuck and was later reduced to Min. “ I had always hated my name Margaret so I was quite happy to become a Min” she says.

Min and Euan married in 1974 after Min had completed her secondary teachers' diploma and immediately set off for England where they lived for 2 and half years. While there Min taught for 12 months at a large Comprehensive school, later making several excursions onto The Continent. Their daughter Alice was born in England and this event eventually lead to their return to Christchurch in 1976 to eagerly awaiting paternal grand parents.

Min and Euan moved to Allandale with their now 2 small children Alice and Finlay in 1980. There they nurtured a managerie of pets and animals over the years and eventually built their dream home up on the hill.

It was in 1983 even while her children were still wee bairns that Min decided to go into the heady world of selling real estate in the city. At the time Min's neighbour had JD Bundy Ltd Real Estate office in Lyttelton and it soon became obvious to Min that working in the harbour and from the local office made more sense.

14 years later it felt time for a change so Min left the security of working for a well established company to open her own real estate office in Church Bay. A professionally designed fit out transformed the neglected little Church Bay store building from the storage shed it had become to a very up to date, trendy real estate office. At the beginning there was Min, 2 other sales people and Linda Pickering, a true stalwart who did everything else that wasn't selling property and even did that at times when it was needed.

Taking over the JD Bundy office in 2001 overcame the problem of where to have an office in Lyttelton. That particular charge was lead by Marie Malone who decided she wanted to work for Min but didn't want to leave her bright, sunny street side office in London street so brokered a deal for Min to buy the sales side of the Bundy business from David and Heather Bundy.

The following year Heather offered Min the opportunity to buy her rent roll and thus the company became a fully fledged real estate business offering both sales and a Property Management division which has been nurtured and grown to the efficient business it has become today under the careful stewardship of Sally McOscar and Lyttelton Manager Phil Alexander.

Towards the end of 2003 a bright young thing from Auckland knocked on Min's door and thus began the very successful onslaught of Min Sarginson Real Estate Ltd. into the seaside suburbs of east Christchurch by Simon Barrett. As this part of the business grew Simon was joined by his wife Debra and it was only a matter of time before there was another Min Sarginson Real Estate Ltd. office in Southshore New Brighton.

The company now consists of a total staff of 7, there are 2 offices and the future is looking very exciting because Min Sarginson Real Estate Ltd. does not intend to stop here.

When Min is not at her desk in her office she is most likely out on her bike on the hills or on the plains with other harbour cycling enthusiasts. This is a relatively recent passion for Min, a long way from the riding a bike to school days of the 60's. It began with a family event riding the central Otago rail trail followed by an invitation from a friend to join his team to do Le Race. It was only a few weeks prior to the race that Min learned not only that the race was March not October but while it was a team each member did the entire 100 hilly kilometres.

This was the beginning of her love of "big events" and she has gone on to ride in Le Race 3 times, The 101km Grape Ride 3 times, 130 Round Lake Brunner once and also the inaugural 100 miles Source to Sea.

These have also become fantastic family events as the whole biking thing has spread like wildfire through the majority of Min's large family of brothers and sisters!

Biking has also in recent years seen Min head off to ride through the beautiful Loire Valley and Charente region in France with family and friends, and join a family group to ride one of Australia's excellent rail trails The Murray to the Mountains.

This passion for road biking has sprung not just from a way to savour the beautiful scenery right there on her doorstep but from the opportunity to meet some truly inspiring people.

"And it clears my head after hours at my desk, it keeps me fresh and fit!"

Min Sarginson
ph 03 328 7273
Cell 027 4320 327

Rene Macpherson

Rene Macpherson


After Hours: 03 328 7273

Rene has been living in Lyttelton now for 22 years and simply wouldn't live anywhere else despite earthquakes, slips, norwesters and southerlies.

She and husband Angus spent many years carefully renovating and restoring their 1866 cottage which is now "The Rookery", a colourful and comfortable Bed and Breakfast establishment.

Rene looks after the company's accounts on a part-time basis. This leaves time for running the B&B, printing tiles, making wine, playing bridge and generally enjoying living in Lyttelton.

Sally McOscar

Sally McOscar

Mobile: 027 211 0102

After Hours: 03 328 7273

Sally is our Property Manager looking after all practical aspects of the department from our Lyttelton office. She provides a professional approach to all aspects of this demanding role. Property Management is a growing industry as property owners become more aware of the benefits of having a professional look after their valueable assets. Like insurance you need it when things turn nasty and the unexpected and unthinkable happen.

Sally can advise you on all aspects of letting and renting.

Steve Hanrahan

Steve Hanrahan


After Hours: (03) 328 7273

Steve is our Sales Administrator and Property Management Support.

Adaptability was essential for his current role within Min Sarginson Real Estate. His responsibilities are numerous; web content management, a sound knowledge of computer software programs, property management accountability, accuracy with legal documentation and advertising creativity are just some of the skills required. Steve successfully maintains the role well due to his professionalism and experience gained from various challenging occupations he’s held here and overseas.

After residing in London for a number of years and having travelled a substantial amount of the world, Steve and his partner Julie sought an exciting place in New Zealand to live; Lyttelton with its historic village charm, bohemian vibe, eclectic mix of locals and of course its amazing harbour views covered the requirements perfectly for them and their kids Morgan and Lily to call home.

Travelling is very much still a passion, Steve and his family in recent years have holidayed in the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico and in 2018 rediscovered Western and Eastern Europe. The Caribbean and South America are the next goals.

Having his own investment properties in the North Island Steve is well aware how crucial the smooth and painless process needs to be when buying/selling and also securing first-rate Property Managers. He is committed to relaying this same service to our Purchasers, Vendors Landlords and Tenants wherever possible.

Tim Dunningham

Tim Dunningham

Mobile: 027 651 5474

After Hours: 03 329 4161

Tim Dunningham

The youngest of three boys, Tim Dunningham was born in Auckland in 1958. Entreprenurial from an early age he learned to play the large pipe organ in the church where his father was the practising Anglican minister. He earned quite a substantial sum in those days and still plays at weddings and funerals today.

Childhood and teenage years were spent on the family farm and homestead in Purau where Tim's mother was born and raised. This was a very significant time in Tim's life - he loved it there.

The Purau Homestead has remained in the family since 1876. Built in 1850 by Sir Heaton Rhodes it is one of the oldest permanent material buildings in the country. No wonder Tim ended up in Real Estate!

Tackling various employment opportunities after leaving school Tim trained as a camera operator and photolithographer for the NZ Herald.

1981 saw a complete change from indoor darkrooms to a small outdoor lawnmowing business which progressed to carrying out contracts for the Auckland City Council and other local bodies mowing major parks, sportsfields and incorporated regular maintenance programmes. 20 employees and 10 years later he added a retail sales arm to the business selling power and gardening equipment.

It was 1999 when Tim realised his dream and returned to Purau - his enchanted childhood place - such a gift to share with his two little daughters Emma and Hannah. Together with his cousin, Chris, they had much delight in organising corporate events, murder mysteries, tours and afternoon teas at the Homestead.

Not to be deterred from tradition Tim sensed an opportunity for another landscape business and launched Hedgehog Lawns and Property Maintenance. This successful local business offered the opportunity for Tim to meet great people, visit a wide range of properties, gain local knowledge of the area and of the people who lived in it. When an opportunity arose to work with Min Sarginson and her team at the local real estate agency, Tim thought to himself....what better background could one have - successful in business, a genuine love of people, a qualified local (more than 25 years!) and an inexhaustive enthusiasm to sell the lifestyle that this Harbour basin has to offer. Most of all he is very passionate about this special piece of Eden. And he hasn't looked back.

Tim's comment on Real Estate "....it can be incredibly demanding and equally it can be incredibly satisfying and it allows me the freedom to spend quality time with my children, work on my classic car, take off on my motorcycle (a cherished hobby for more than 35 years)."

Keep your ears open and you may just hear Tim still tinkling the ivorys or caressing the keyboard in someone's lounge, or you may recognise him from when he used to play in a local band, something he had always wanted to do - maybe you'll see him on "Stars in their Eyes" - maybe next series. You just never know.

A man of many talents and an excellent salesperson, he will literally 'trip over himself' to help you. Give Tim a call today.


Tim Dunningham
Ph 03 329 4161
Fax 03 329 4191
Cell 027 651 5474

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